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Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours


F13131014Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours has incredible shooting tours that are guaranteed to take your breath away, but still keep you alive.

We pride ourself on our armory of fully automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons, and hand guns. Guests choose from our custom packages that may include, but are not limited to handguns, to automatic rifles, to full-fledged machine guns, and belt fed machine guns too.

For an over-the-top experience, guests can enjoy a package that includes our Private VIP Room and Private Shooting Lanes.

However you want to experience the action and adventure this city has to offer, Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours is here to make your vacation dreams a reality. We are the best source for epic Shooting Tours in Las Vegas; let us take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

The Starter Tour

Nothing beats the experience or massive adrenaline of shooting an array of firearms. Channel your inner "tough side" and get your hands on some of the coolest guns in Las Vegas. Join us on one of our most popular tours to shoot the famous Uzi and Colt Commando.

The Battle Pack Tour

C’mon. Shoot your shot. Blow off some steam and sharpen your shooter skills at our gun range. We focus on safety and offer an expert to help lead you safely and guide you throughout.

The Heavy Hitter Tour

Are you seeking a "one of a kind" experience in Las Vegas? Joins us for a popular shooting tour with some of the most powerful firearms. Whatever special occasion you are celebrating, this package will be sure to thrill with four amazing guns.

The Lock & Load Tour

Experience a VIP tour at our shooting range in Las Vegas. Enjoy our VIP Room and Private shooting lanes as you get to shoot a variety of the worlds finest guns.

The Belt Fed Tour

Enjoy this all-Inclusive Shooting Experience with some of the world's most popular firearms, including the belt-fed M-60 and the M-1919. We are certain that this experience will blow you away.

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