Indulge in the epitome of natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes with our Ultimate Red Rock Tour, an exclusive private sightseeing experience that unveils the splendors of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This meticulously crafted 4-hour journey promises an unforgettable adventure, transporting you from your local point of origin to the most iconic and captivating areas within Red Rock Canyon. Your excursion begins with seamless transportation, ensuring your comfort and convenience from the moment you step on board.



Approx. 4 hours.

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Tour Description

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the renowned Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with our acclaimed Ultimate Red Rock Tour—a premier private sightseeing adventure that lives up to its name in every aspect.

From the moment you step into our transportation from your local pick-up point, you'll be swept away on a captivating excursion through the most coveted locales within Red Rock Canyon. As you relax in comfort, allow our expert guide to regale you with fascinating narratives and intriguing insights about this awe-inspiring marvel crafted by Mother Nature herself.

This expedition invites you to immerse yourself in one of Las Vegas's most spectacular natural wonders, spanning over 197,000 acres of diverse ecosystems, teeming wildlife, and a kaleidoscope of multicolored vistas. Discover why this stunning terrain has served as a mesmerizing backdrop for numerous films, as our guide shares illuminating stories about the park's cinematic history.

Our journey commences at the Visitor's Center, where the possibility of encountering delightful desert tortoises in their protected habitat awaits. Here, you might even encounter Mojave Max, the beloved mascot of the Mojave Desert. Delve deeper into the area's significance through informative exhibits and peruse keepsakes to commemorate your visit.

Marvel at the towering Wilson Cliffs, part of the Keystone Thrust, soaring 3,000 feet high and adorned with ancient tribal artwork dating back thousands of years. Your Certified Interpretive Guide will unveil the rich history and meaning behind these remarkable pictographs.

Venture into the Spring Mountains, a haven for an impressive array of flora and fauna sustained by nearby springs, while your guide shares insights about the thriving biodiversity, including the thriving ponderosa pines and a plethora of plant species thriving in this unique ecosystem.

Prepare for the grand finale as you encounter the awe-inspiring Calico Hills—ancient sand dunes housing fossils of ancient life within their layers. Witness the magical play of light painting the hills in vibrant hues of pinks, reds, and oranges, while natural water tanks nourish this distinct ecosystem.

Ascend the paved trail to the Red Rock Overlook, capturing a panoramic view that encapsulates all the landmarks from your adventure, ensuring unforgettable photos and cherished memories of your Southwestern escapade.

As the day draws to a close, engage with your expert guide on the ride back to your hotel, relishing the opportunity to seek any remaining curiosities about this remarkable journey. Enjoy the unparalleled hospitality and expertise of our knowledgeable and friendly guide—an exquisite, private guided experience rich in history and untold tales, available only through our distinguished tour.

Your confirmation and detailed tour information will be promptly emailed upon booking, ensuring every aspect of your exceptional adventure is meticulously arranged. Experience the magnificence of Red Rock Canyon like never before on this unparalleled private tour.

First stop, the Visitor’s Center. Here, you may encounter charming desert tortoises in a protected habitat. You might even meet Mojave Max, the official mascot of the Mojave Desert. Browse more informative exhibits and shop for keepsakes.

Part of the Keystone Thrust, the Wilson Cliffs are 3,000 feet high and are a popular hiking and climbing destination. Thousands of years ago, Wilson Cliffs’ towering walls were the perfect canvas for tribal artwork. Your Certified Interpretive Guide will explain the meaning and history of these ancient pictographs.

Home to an impressive array of plants and wildlife, The Spring Mountains’ rich biodiversity thrives thanks to nearby springs that give the mountains their name. Don’t forget to ask your guide about the ponderosa pines and hundreds of plant species that flourish here.

Awaiting you near the end of your tour, the Calico Hills are truly a grand finale. These rock formations are ancient sand dunes with fossils of animals and plants preserved within their layers. Water is stored in natural tanks, which feed the area’s unique ecosystem. Depending on the time of day, you’ll see why these hills are named “Calico;” a kaleidoscope of pinks, reds and oranges shift with the changing light.

Before ending your incredible day, take the paved trail up to Red Rock Overlook. You will see all the landmarks from your tour at once and leave with incredible photos and memories of your beautiful Southwest adventure. Do not forget to ask your expert guide any lingering questions on the ride back to your hotel.

This private tour is expertly guided and we provide round-trip transportation from your meeting location in Vegas. Enjoy as you are entertained by your knowledgeable, friendly, and fun tour guide, a hospitality professional of the highest degree. This tour is an exquisite, private guided experience of history and back stories that you will not hear elsewhere.

All details of your tour and your confirmation are emailed directly to you after booking.

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Tour Details


$$249.00 per guest.


Red Rock National Conservation Area.


Available upon request.


This experience takes place in all weather conditions.


Round-trip transportation from your local point of origin is included.


Please contact us for any additional information at 1-702-570-8080.


Approx. 4 hours.


Private Tour.


2 guest minimum. Any group size can be accommodated for this tour.


Comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes.


Please bring an ID and yourself ready for an awesome time!


No cancellations or refunds within 7 days of your tour date.

The Ultimate Red Rock Tour Includes:

  • Round-trip transport from local points of origin within a 10-mile radius of the Strip

  • Dramatic Views

  • A history explanation of Red Rock

  • Private Guide: An experienced and entertaining guide providing narration throughout the tour, offering insights into the history, ecology, and film significance of Red Rock Canyon.

  • Red Rock Canyon Exploration: Visit various iconic spots within Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, covering the most popular areas.

  • Visitor’s Center: Stop at the Visitor’s Center to witness desert tortoises in a protected habitat, learn about Mojave Max, explore informative exhibits, and shop for souvenirs.

  • Wilson Cliffs: Discover the Wilson Cliffs, part of the Keystone Thrust, and delve into the history of the ancient pictographs adorning their towering walls.

  • Spring Mountains: Explore the rich biodiversity of the Spring Mountains, learning about the diverse plant and wildlife thriving in the area due to nearby springs.

  • Calico Hills: Witness the grandeur of Calico Hills, ancient sand dunes featuring fossilized animals and plants, with a unique ecosystem sustained by natural water tanks.

  • Red Rock Overlook: Conclude the tour with a visit to the Red Rock Overlook, providing panoramic views of all the landmarks visited during the tour, offering great photo opportunities.

  • Expert Guidance: Opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the tour's highlights during the return trip with the knowledgeable guide.

  • Exclusive Experience: An exquisite, private guided tour offering historical narratives and unique insights not commonly available elsewhere.

  • And much much more...

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