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Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours



Las Vegas is famous for is historic city, but many do not realize that the city is surrounded by a beautiful and varied desert environment. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then escaping the city to enjoy this beautiful landscape will be worth your while.

Within just an easy driving distance are multiple national recreation or conservation areas, national monuments, and state parks. These hold the opportunities for you to join us for a private hiking tour to enjoy the stunning outdoors.

For any of these adventures, you can leave your home or hotel in the morning and be back just as The Strip lights up in the evening.

In many areas we think our guided hiking tours are the best way to get a real experience of Las Vegas. Unless you have a lot of time to do your own planning, and patience, you’ll appreciate our meticulous research and tour designs. We have carefully chosen our routes and picked the best points of interest for you to visit and enjoy.

Lone Mountain Peak Hiking Tour

Want a break from the hustle of the city? Take a private hiking tour of Lone Mountain Peak located Northwest of the Las Vegas strip, a rocky butte detached from the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Enjoy a relaxing stretching session, warm-up, and an exciting hike on one of the most popular workout spots for locals.

Mary Jane Falls Hiking Tour

Escape the desert landscape to enjoy some fresh air up in the beautiful area of Kyle Canyon. Mary Jane Falls is one of the most popular hikes by locals and tourists, that leads you to a scenic area far away from the city chaos.

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