Explore Las Vegas Like Never Before: Helicopter Tours Overview

Imagine soaring high above Las Vegas, the city that sparkles day and night. From a helicopter, we see it all differently—from the vast, beautiful deserts that hug the bustling city to the bright lights of the Strip that draw people from around the world. Here at Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours, we take you above and beyond the usual viewpoints, on helicopter tours that promise breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences.

Our helicopter tours are not just rides; they are carefully crafted experiences designed to show you Las Vegas from a vantage point that few get to see. Whether you’re marveling at the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon or gazing down at the iconic neon lights of the Strip, our tours offer something special for everyone. We understand that seeing Las Vegas from the ground is amazing, but experiencing it from the sky? That’s truly exceptional.

Join us as we explore two of our most popular tours: the Neon & Nature Helicopter Tour and the Vegas Views Helicopter Tour. Each offers a unique perspective on Las Vegas, combining luxury and sightseeing in a way that only we can offer. Get ready to see the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ from the best seats in the house—the sky!

Overview of Helicopter Tours Over Las Vegas

Helicopter tours offer a thrilling way to see Las Vegas. High above the hustle and bustle, we give you a view unlike any other. Las Vegas, known for its dazzling lights and bustling city life, spreads out beneath you, offering a panorama that the ground just can’t match. We specialise in making these breathtaking views accessible with our helicopter tours.

We offer two main tours: the Neon & Nature Helicopter Tour and the Vegas Views Helicopter Tour. Each tour is crafted to showcase different aspects of Las Vegas—from the natural beauty surrounding the city to the architectural marvels that make the Strip famous. These tours don’t just take you sightseeing; they bring you into the skies to experience Las Vegas in a way you’ll never forget.

Discover the Neon & Nature Helicopter Tour

The Neon & Nature Helicopter Tour is an adventure that combines the natural and man-made wonders of Las Vegas. Starting with a flight over the majestic Red Rock Canyon, you’ll see the fiery-red sandstone cliffs and the scenic loop from an incredible vantage point. As we move toward the city, the landscape shifts dramatically, with the iconic Las Vegas Strip unfolding beneath us.

During this 24-minute flight, you will be treated to a luxury experience. There’s even a 30-minute landing at a private vista 2,900 feet over Las Vegas where we toast with champagne, celebrating the city’s beauty from above. Our helicopter, the ECO-Star, is known as the “limousine of the sky” for its comfortable large seating and large windows offering unobstructed views. This tour is perfect for those looking to blend nature’s tranquility with the vibrancy of Las Vegas’ nightlife in one unforgettable flight.

Experience the Vegas Views Helicopter Tour

Our Vegas Views Helicopter Tour offers an extraordinary way to admire the bright lights and unique architecture of Las Clairvoyance directly from above. This thrilling 12-to-15-minute ride allows you to sweep over both the east and west sides of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Imagine floating past the dazzling sights of Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the Luxor, each lit up against the desert night sky.

As we cruise, you can observe the grandeur of the Bellagio Fountains, the shining beam of the Luxor, and the intricate details of other famous hotels and attractions from a bird’s-eye view. Our ECO-Star helicopter lends a touch of luxury to your journey, ensuring that your experience is as comfortable as it is memorable. Seeing the city’s famous neon lights from such a vantage point is an experience like no other, offering not just views but an entirely new perspective on Las Vegas.

Why Choose a Helicopter Tour for Your Las Vegas Visit

Choosing a helicopter tour over Las Vegas provides an unmatched sightseeing experience that ground tours simply can’t match. From hundreds of feet in the air, you see the landscapes and cityscapes unfold in ways you never imagined. Our tours combine the thrill of flight with the beauty of Las Vegas, both natural and man-made.

On any of our tours, you’ll enjoy panoramic views that stretch miles across the desert and deep into the urban heart of the city. These tours are not just about sightseeing; they’re about making memories that last a lifetime. Comfort is key, and our helicopters are equipped with large windows and spacious seating, ensuring every moment in the air is enjoyed in comfort.


Known for its never-ending excitement and visual spectacles, seeing the city from a helicopter adds an entirely new dimension to its allure. Each of our helicopter tours offers a unique experience, tailored to showcase the best of Las Vegas—from the serene beauty of Red Rock Canyon to the vibrant lights of the Strip.

These aerial tours provide an exclusive, luxurious way to view Las Vegas, far from the crowded sidewalks and bustling casinos. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a new way to see the city, we provide an unforgettable aerial adventure.

Ready to take your Las Vegas experience to new heights? Join us at Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours, and let us show you the beauty of Las Vegas from the best view in town. Sign up for a helicopter tour in Las Vegas!

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