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Another Side Of Las Vegas Tours


Discover the “ART” of sightseeing in Las Vegas with our guided tours through the vibrant 18b Arts District. Do not settle for a haphazard tour experience with fly-by-night operators; our talented and knowledgeable staff are hand-picked from high hospitality backgrounds, with a passion for art, storytelling, and a deep understanding of Las Vegas history and creative culture.

If you are interested in exploring local great food, libations, music, art, dance, culture and the creative history Downtown Las Vegas, then this is the company for you. We are not only admiring landmarks, but we are deep diving into the arts and culture scene, and uncovering the creatives that built the 18b Arts District that we know and love today.

We take pride in offering the finest 18b Arts Tours in Las Vegas, with personalized attention and top-notch service from our expert guides. Our tours are packed with content, while providing the utmost comfort and a polished delivery. Our tours are all custom VIP Tours to your specific interests.

Do not just take our word for it – our reputation on TripAdvisor and Yelp speaks for itself. Join us for a unique perspective on Las Vegas and let us show you why wen have earned our stellar reputation.

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Las Vegas Tourist Guide Guild
National Trust For Historic Preservation
The Las Vegas Chamber Of Commerce
The Las Vegas Historical Society